Welcome among Valued, Inspired People!

As the dreamer and creator of VIP Valued Inspired People Coaching Center I welcome you here with a big virtual hug.

You are on the right place.

My mission is to help people who have achieved a lot but are still missing something from their life. Who want to live their mission in their life, in their job and want to reach their full self realisation and happiness and by giving their full talent potential to others they can spread happiness on the world. Who wants to find their Ikigai.
Ikigai is a japanase word which resonated with me instantly:
To find ikigai you need to find yourself which can be deep and long. This procedure is held to be very important since finding your ikigai brings satisfaction and sense into your life. People feel real ikigai when going in the direction of self-realization. This word, ikigai, is also used to describe the source of the values in peoples lives and the things that make people lives valuable. Such mental and spiritual things that make you feel living your life is worth it. (Source)
I spent several weeks thinking and trying to find a name for this entreprice.  On a coaching session I was finally able to formulate what is it that I really want to give people.
  • I believe that people are important,
  • I believe that people are valuable, unique, unrepeatable, precious beings and deserve to be valued and treasured.
  • I want to help people with all my life experience to discover new thoughts, become aware about themselves, their thoughts, feelings, behaviours, to get new inspiration to change their life to the one that they dreamed about.
  • I treat people as human beings, with empathy, with attention, not just treating them as a number on the payroll list
  • I give people coaching, helping, caring, listening, support to solve their own issues, situations.
  • I have a sweet spot to women struggling in their job. Due to my business carreer and 30 years of marrige I can  support them both in their work and personal life relationships which are ruining their self-confidence to stand for themselves and feel that they are precious human being with endless potential.
  • I support people suffering in corporate business world to remain and feel a valuable human being.
  • I help caring corporations in developing and managing ways of how to treat their employees with respect and care and thus allowing them to perform and contribute with their full potential.

Why I recommend myself?

The reason why I can offer this is that I went through self development phases during decades, on a route with lot of strange curves, this is how I became an experienced Mission Finder. For me it took decades. I am here now to discover with you your way to your mission and help you to get on your road to your mission much faster.