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Zsuzsa Czagler:
My story

Since I remember, in all my life I always wanted to prove that I am good enough, so I always wanted to be the best. I was the student in school with excellent grades, my favorite was math. I never understood how come someone does not like numbers and math? It is so clear, so logical, so easy.
I was never satisfied with the current status quo in any area of my life, I always searched how can I make things differently, simpler, better, improved.
I made my father’s dream came true when I became electrical engineer. After some years, though, I found that bits and bytes were boring, and computers were annoying as they always did that I told them to do, not what I really wanted them to do. They could not read my mind. Though I liked to work with data, programming definitely was not my dream. I started to dream about working with people and at the same time use my data driven approach. I started to learn again and got another qualification in business management and marketing.
Consequently I changed my career to marketing, and became media planning/buying expert. I loved it. I worked with excellent people, some of them were really capable to read my mind and deliver what I just thought of. I was proud that with our work we inspired people to buy our clients products thus created business successes for our clients, and on top of it we had tons of research data to work with. Between 1995-2016 I showed my capabilities in several aspects, such as developing regional media management, revitalizing and turning a dying media agency into profit during 9 months, starting 2 new media agencies from scratch and developing it to a respected players on the market. I spent 5 years at a big multinational company who advertised its product, then I moved to the service industry, to the media agency side, and served 16 years there as Managing Director. During these 16 years I was performing HR functions as well, recruiter, trainer, talent manager, compensation manager, team builder and everything that is related to HR. During these years I started to feel how big success it is to help people and see their improvement and happiness. I was proud of our work success, but I started to realize that the real success is contributing to and seeing and living happiness.
Though I was successful in my work, I did not feel somehow at my full potential in my private life, especially in my health. I started to search ways to improve my life, first through my body, my health, then though my thoughts, feelings, spirit. I experienced with belly dance, zumba, salsa, boogie, yoga, joy dance, trans dance, autogen training, assertiveness training, meditations, family constellations. I asked help from dietetic, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractor, natural healer, psychologist, kineziologist, clairvoyant, spirit healer. Lots of new understandings arrived to me, I became aware of many things that were holding me back. I decided that I want to help myself and wanted to learn practices for this. This is how I got to self awareness courses, Reiki energy treatment course, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) course, carma awareness course. In 2014 I started the 2 years of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master course, which finally put into a system everything that I experienced so far. NLP is a very easy tool kit t to discover my neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming), and change to achieve specific goals in life. During this period I realized how and what events shaped my certain behaviors and feelings during my childhood that blocked my stepping forward or standing up for myself. It was a lightning strike when I first saw the NLP model which fully resonated with all my previous experiences: our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are mutually interact with each other, and whenever we change one of them the other 2 will change as well!

It was when I realized that my body fully reacts to my thoughts and feelings, and how I myself am responsible for my thoughts to stay healthy!

On an NLP course, on the Mission Compass happened that the vision of my real life mission appeared in front of my eyes: My mission is to spread the warmth of the soul! This is what brings happiness into my life.
I knew from that point onward that I have different destiny than being managing director in the media world. I want to help people also to get out of their struggles and get on their path toward happiness. What really interests and fascinates me are people. So this is how I started to study coaching and acquired another qualification. And after staying over 2 decades at multinational companies, in 2016, I changed my profession again and became an ICF ACC qualified coach starting from scratch again with my own enterprise.
Now I use all my skills, knowledge, experience to help people to feel themselves better, happier, worthier, more useful, more needed, more human and finally I will live my life mission:

Help spreading warmth of the soul”


Here you can watch my short introduction video:


This is my mission paper, and my certfication from ICF as Associate Certified Coach: