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Zsuzsa, Budapest


  • I always had bigger self-confidence which lasted for several days.
  • Zsuzsa always asked the right questions, mirrored and helped me rethink the problem and made me say the solution.
  • The description of the session enhanced it.
  • I feel that I can do everything what I really want to achieve.

I am very grateful.

Karmazsin Éva

I don’t know if I know someone so sure-footed and so tireless, like Zsuzsi. When she told me what kind of way she chose to fulfill her lifegoal, and I saw all her efforts she made and the consciousness she put in it, it made me curious: how would it feel like to talk about a painful life situation with her, which I have been working with over years.

Zsuzsi was really flexible about the arrangement of the sessions, both in time and in form. It was the first time for me to take part in a coaching which was interesting and and efficient, but still the biggest experience was the third, personal session.

Since I am a coach and trainer too, I know how much the pure attention and devoted presence means to people. From her I fully got this. She sensitively responded to my mood changes, she stopped my flow of sentences and gave me feedback about what she heard. Rehearing what I said made me understood my own problem deeper, moreover I was relieved, and at every of the session I had a short and long term actionplan about how should I move forward.

At the third session I was brave enough to submerged in a topic which was specifically painful for me, and I said something out loud which I couldn’t say before, even for myself. Lo and behold! Saying this out, and all the recognitions in connection with this, were exactly what brought me the biggest relief! I am so grateful that this happened then and there to me. Zsuzsi, thank you for your loving and carrying attention!

It was new to me, but I was happy to get a wrap up after each session about everything we have talked about. It helped me to recall the whole process again, and reminded me about the actions I wanted to do.

By means of these coaching sessions I „won” participation on a wonderful course, which I already finished by now, and I also won spiritual peace in a process which was all over in my mind for a decade. I feel gratitude and satisfaction.

Thank you, Zsuzsi!

Karmazsin Éva,

non-violence communication trainer, coach, organizer of woman circles and camps

Karina Margole

My work with Zsuzsanna has really managed to supercharge my business. I came to her not knowing what I was doing with my business, who I wanted to work with, what my business stood for. I didn’t even have a name! With the combination of deep listening and really powerful questions, Zsuzsanna has helped me really dig deep into why I am even doing this business, what is important to me, and how can I run it in a way that makes me happy and confident. Every time I felt stuck, Zsuzsanna would ask a question or make a comment that would make me see the issue in a completely different light and would help me move along. Her presence is such that she unlocked all the hidden potential in me and the ideas just flowed. And once the ground work has been done the actions started flowing as well. Working with Zsuzsanna I’ve decided on my coaching niche, my content strategy, my brand values, my business name, and mission. It’s something I’ve been stuck on with over a year, but with Zsuzsanna’s amazing work I’ve been able to make so much progress in this direction.

Karina Margole, UK, Spiritual Coach and Healer www.healandblossom.co.uk

Judit, Budapest

Zsuzsa was a big help for me in the past period when I felt an awful insecurity in myself about my choices. During our sessions I could open up freely, we unfolded the problems together and after each session I had a clear plan about my next steps and actions. Zsuzsa focused all along on the resolution of the problem: where could my insecurity stem from and helped me to say where I should be going, and helped me to fight my own inner fight with myself.

I can use the techniques and my approach which I learned from her every day, and I am really grateful for that. I improved in shaping my self-image, self-esteem and communication.

I can truly recommend these sessions for anyone, because it feels really good to say things out loud, think the route of the problem together over and set our minds at ease that there are more solutions, there is a way out from insecurity and lack of self-confidence.

Judit, Budapest

Andrea Pajkó, Budapest

On the summer of 2106 I only saw your picture with some lines but I already felt I need you.

Then I had the opportunity to see your presentation personally at the „Good to be a woman!” conference. It was serious and funny at the same time, and we laughed and cried together with you. The moment when you stepped out of your high heels to emphasize your message, will be stuck in mind forever.

Still I hesitated, agonized with my fears on and on. When I had enough, I contacted you.  At the first coaching session I already felt an enormous barrier tearing in myself.

A few day later I found myself facing a dreadful wave but I felt myself so brave that I overcame it in a few seconds. On the other two sessions more little details came to their place and from then on I am in full fling. Sometimes, of course the sneaky negative thoughts emerge in my mind but when I take a closer look I can see how many things had changed in the past few weeks because you helped me to step over my own shadows.

As an always unsatisfied perfectionist I rarely say this, but I am overly satisfied and proud now!

I am so thankful to you!



Andrea Leskovics-Ortelli, Budapest

I was looking for a simple answer for a simple thing, but Zsuzsa gave me so much more. With her unbelievable perceptibility she draw attention to things, which I changed and so that I could be happier and more satisfied in my work, as well in my personal life. She could create such a safe environment, where her well-aimed questions, feedbacks almost automatically summoned the thoughts and feelings that were trying to break out from my unconscious. I can recommend her with love for anyone who is looking for a guide, for anyone who is insecure or doubting herself. Zsuzsa will not tell you The Answer, but with her personality, knowledge and persistence she will lead you to find your answers for your questions in yourself.After our third session, at night I looked for the ancestral, fundamental trust in myself that we have worked with and a sentence came to my mind, which was always in my mind when I was a teenager and I was looking for my identity with questions like ’Who am I and what am I doing here?”. The sentence was like this: „I came here to help and love…” As soon as I could shift this sentence back in my mind, I stopped worrying about the financials, I knew if I do everything according this then everything will be okay.

The thought that I was born to help put an end to my fear about what job should I do or how to do it. It does not matter what my job is, the only thing that matters is that I can help the people who find me. Since then people find me every day, some of them needs only a few words, some of them needs a lot more, but I am ready.

The thought, that I was born to love, eased my anxiety about my family, and relationship. I accept the situation with love, no matter what, I do not want to force the things on my family members which I find good, and I let them do things on their own way.

I am very grateful for You, thank you again!

Kozma Márti, Budapest

Dear Zsuzsi!

I would like to thank you for the help you gave me. For the attention, questions, which often made me sweat and gave me awkward moments, but were inevitable for being able to move on and finding a way out from a bad situation. Your professional preparedness and your capability convinced me unquestionably.

The past months I spent closed in myself, and this prison became more and more tantalizing for an extrovert person like me. But I could not find the way out… then You came.

The few sessions together where enough for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and MOVE FORWARD.

A lot happened in the past few weeks… I started doing a long petted plan of mine, and lunched Plus Dance. I rethought my human relationships and begun to tidy up the chaos that surrounded me.

I determinedly begun to build my self-confidence, and I illustrate it with photos so that you can see I did not make a move only at the level of words…
At last but not at least, I am working on averting the obstacles made by myself, so that the love could find me and my life could be full.

I wish good luck for your job and thank you again for what you did for me.

With Love

Kozma Márta